fightback interviews microwoman

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fightback aotearoa is a movement whose tagline is “struggle, solidarity, socialism”. i’ve participated in a couple of their events in wellington this year. and it’s been great to have them provide support for student actions at the university where i teach, and also for some of the actions we’ve taken off-campus. i think it’s really important that students get exposure to a wide range of ideas and analyses as part of their university education–not just the dominant ideas that are flooding the market place and turning us all into consumerist drones or the fashionable ideas that allow us to intellectualize without getting our hands dirty. i’ve been attracted to socialist thought since i first encountered it as a student at university myself. i acknowledge that it has problems and perversions like any other ideology, but i believe it still holds up a crucial critical mirror to the neo-liberal capitalist economic system we’re living in today. i like what i’ve seen of fightback’s praxis, how they struggle with their marxist and other socialist inheritances and try to adapt them to a lived context in aotearoa. the group also produces a monthly magazine that provides socialist analyses and commentaries on current affairs. to find out about what some of the pressing issues in the pacific region are, ian anderson from fightback aotearoa interviewed me for their latest issue. check out the interview here: fightback interview

fightback interviews microwoman

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