when life’s got you too busy to blog, reblog!

it’s been another busy week. my backlog of uncompleted items on ‘to do’ lists is almost paralyzing. i say *almost* because i’m determined to get the better of them.

as a product of my generation, in the midst of a multitude of competing work and family pressures, i have found it difficult to resist breaking out into the late 1980s anthem by karyn white, ‘i’m not your superwoman.’ but…what a disappointment that song is. i’m so going to blog about its unfulfilled feminist potential one day. maybe i’ll rewrite the lyrics to better describe the actual pressures on me to be a superwoman. after i’ve conquered this backlog, of course.

when i want feminist inspiration, i know better now than to go to american soda pop factories. this past week, i visited “lapkat mixes”, a blog by melbourne-based dj lisa greenaway which features a breathtaking selection of polyglot/multilingual music and conscious poetry from around the world. my pick for the week is entitled “tell our daughters: warrior poets mix”. you can also find it here on mixcloud. check it out!

p.s. i guess this is technically not a ‘reblog’, huh? i’m still figuring the mechanics of the blogosphere out. add that to the ‘to do’ list. (sigh)

lapkat tell our daughters

when life’s got you too busy to blog, reblog!